The Kent Pattern

A fractal-ish pattern of maths fun

I was shown the original and when I zoomed out of the masterfully constructed spreadsheet, my computer was unhappy. I asked if I could reimplement it in Javascript (for speed and fun) and the result of the yes is below. Enjoy!

You can zoom with the scroll wheel. Zooming out when fullscreen can really slow things down, so maybe be careful with that.

You can pan by clicking and dragging the mouse. You can’t go left of the starting position because of the way the pattern is drawn. Eventually you’ll be able to go above where you start, but you cannot yet do that.

There are button controls below the pattern if for some reason your mouse isn’t working. This is useful for mobile devices because touch isn’t implemented yet. Yet.

Here are some things that I’d like to eventually implement:

If you’d like to check out the source code, which I am decently proud of, you can see it here.