Common Fire

The shot heard 'round the globe
MOAB, dropped on Japan to end a world war
TOR, helps free speech reign in a tyrant's storm

Conversation, in a nation
oppressed by the president setting the precedent to hate the press what a mess.
I need an epidural or I'm going to hurl
from the Paine, Thomas would be disappointed in who was appointed.

Donald is on Twitter
spreading his litter.
He endlessly lies
claiming he has no Russian ties.
He's rotten to the core,
allow me to demonstrate in less than four.
"Lots of autism and vaccine response"
How can he kill with an air of nonchalance?
"The Fake News will knowingly lie and demean"
aren't his words just obscene?
"global warming was created by and for the Chinese"
for whom is he trying to appease?

Free speech, eat a peach
put there by a man, in that-
Can you explain to me why the sea
Is rising,
Ice melting,
Coal burning,
Never learning.
The effects of our gases
Fogging our glasses.
Oceans steaming;
Teens memeing:
Without meaning;
Nothing to admire.
An earth of endless fire.
Why isn't someone higher
Doing something --                    Anything...