50 million minds molested
because they couldn't bother to get their security tested.
Facebook is a modern titanic
sinking in the worlds biggest ocean after hitting a massive -
Zuckerberg sells you to the highest bidder, no mercy.
Mercer mines minds of many millions; a precursor.
Six4Three, the perverted company that skimmed bikini pics from me.
Facebook acquired Onavo,
a VPN turned to data mining minors.
They have no problem profiling people evident by the blown up beginning,
Cambridge Analytica. Or is it Emerdata?
They changed names to avoid all the mess in the press:
Swaying election results in a treasonous way;
leaving us with a leader that's got no ethical stay.
Large lengthy logs store plentiful plaintext passwords,
Now that's just ass backwards.
Why should one of the largest around have the worst security background.
It's time to crackdown:
Delete your account. Let's make a profound sound.