Edited 2020-05-09

Published 2020-02-03 on

Well hello there! Thanks for coming! I fought with myself long and hard about the first words that would be on this internet word deliverer, and those are the best I got, so you know the rest of them will be good. I hope that's what you got out of it anyway.

Awkward welcomes aside, I am Genuinebyte -- Brad in formal circles (Bradley in formal squares) -- and this is my vertex of the internet. I'm a software developer, hardware playarounder, and a writer of sorts. I've long thought of building myself a rickety wall where I can pin up my projects and things, and I guess this is it. Currently, this wall is built by someone else and stands on rented land, but the design is mine. I borrowed heavily from passcod's, but I think I made it my own.

What you'll find here will mostly be descriptions of projects I've done, or are doing, and the challenges I've faced along the way. I think mistakes are important, so I'll be sure to write down all the stupid problems I create for myself. There might be some personal words on occasion, but I find that unlikely. What's more likely are my thoughts on books I've read because I read fairly often and I want so badly to yell at people about great books. So not really reviews, but appreciation.

Speaking of appreciation, I thank you for reading this introduction. I think internet words are symbiotic. It provides me a good way to share information and encouragement to research new topics while being able to possibly help someone get information in a clearer way (or at all!). I have some novel ideas that I think are pretty cool, so I hope you return for those. Until then, consider this word-wall to be initialized and active. Goodbye for now.